Patients come to my office for many reasons, usually for aches and pains or some type of injury. Even more common are patients who have aches and pains from arthritis or other degenerative processes. These patients are often seeking answers as to why they suffer from these afflictions. Most feel as though they have somehow by chance gotten the short end of the stick in the area of health. Beyond that, they want the problem fixed and they want it done fast.

Unfortunately most of these patients have failed to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and are now suffering the consequences. Like any other aspect of our lives, we have choices to make and consequences to live with as a result. When it comes to health and wellbeing, the choices are simple but making the right choices are very tough. However the consequences of poor choices as they relate to health can be devastating and hard to correct. The products of making good choices are longer, happier lives with much less disease and suffering. There is no other way to obtain and maintain true health then through making healthy lifestyle choices.

This means eating a healthy balanced diet and getting proper exercise at least 3 times per week in some form or another. It means getting sufficient sleep on a regular basis. We must choose to eliminate as much negative stress from our lives as we possibly can. Whether they come in the form of poor relationships, job stress or just worrying about things we cannot change (as many of us do), negative stress can put a major strain on our mental-emotional wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle and optimal health must involve both physical and mental-emotional health because they are so dependent on one another.

The hardest part of getting on the path to optimal health is taking responsibility for the choices we make and realizing they determine the state of our overall health. Once we identify the areas in our lives that need change and form a plan to do so, the healthy path becomes obvious. As I said before, these changes are not easy and they require a strong commitment to your own health.

When this has been achieved our physicians will be burdened less with patients just wanting a quick fix or having general complaints, but will be overrun with people seeking knowledge about ways to improve their health naturally. This knowledge armed with a commitment and reasonable goals make the path a lot easier to follow. Doctors should act as our guides down the road to health and should be educating patients of the capabilities their bodies possess. When we can tap into the body’s full potential and allow it to function optimally, few other aids are needed and true health becomes a very attainable goal. It is not until we stop asking for a fix and look at how we can prevent, heal and maintain what we already possess will optimal health be achieved.

Chiropractic helps relieve pressure on the nervous system allowing it to express itself fully. For all systems to function optimally the brain must be able to freely send and receive messages from the rest of the body. This communication takes place through the nervous system. Once this system is running at 100% and a commitment has been made to healthy lifestyle choices the only result will be a healthier you. See your chiropractor soon and ask how you can naturally improve your nervous system function and start down the path to optimal health.