I often ask my patients, ‘What are the four things in life that we absolutely can not live without?’ There are many answers, some right and some wrong. Most people get three out of four correct. The answer of course is 1. Food 2. Water 3. Air and the one almost no one ever answers right 4. Energy. We can survive for weeks without food, days without water and minutes without air, but without energy we are dead � which really makes it the most important one of the four. Interestingly, we spend much more time concerning ourselves with the first three. We try to eat healthy food, we want pure clean water, even to the point of buying it by the bottle and we try to limit or decrease air pollution. What do we do for the energy we all possess?

Where does this energy come from? We are born with it and even before birth, it has been making decisions for you in accordance with the map in your unique genetic make-up. This energy that I am speaking of is our life force. It is the innate intelligence we are all given that controls and directs all other functions of the body. When you cut yourself, you don’t have to tell your tissues to heal, they just do. This is innate intelligence. When you get scared, you don’t have to tell your glands to produce more adrenaline in preparation for flight, they just do. This is innate intelligence. When you get the flu, you don’t consciously mobilize all the parts of your immune system to create antibodies and fight off the flu. But somehow your body knows precisely how to do this and begins the task long before we are even aware. This is innate intelligence.

How does this energy travel through our body? This innate life force courses through our bodies via the nervous system. There is a direct connection from our brains to every one of the three trillion cells which make up our bodies and back again. It is along these paths that all of our bodily functions are controlled and regulated. This is where balance and health originate. It then makes sense that when these communication pathways are either blocked or interfered with, our innate intelligence cannot do its job to its full potential. The result being, we are further away from our full health potential.

This is where your chiropractor comes in. Spinal misalignments or subluxations develop due to all the physical chemical and emotional stressors that our bodies adapt to on a daily basis. These restrictions cause nerve irritation and hence interfere with the body’s innate ability to heal and regulate itself. Chiropractors are highly skilled doctors trained to locate and relieve subluxations. This relieves pressure on spinal nerves and eliminates the source of nerve interference. It is much like turning the switch back on to open the paths of communication between the brain and the rest of the body. With this functioning optimally, our innate can express our full health potential.

This is the root of a healthy system and it comes from within. We are all born with the ability to achieve full and optimal health as long as our innate is not suppressed by all the physical, mental and emotional stress in our lives. Few of us give our bodies and our innate enough credit for its healing and recuperative powers. It is important to see your chiropractor to keep the energy ‘turned on’ and the lines of communication open for optimal health and well-being.