There is an old saying that goes something like ‘Nothing worth while is ever easy and nothing easy is ever worth while.’ Never a truer statement has ever been spoken. A statement has never been more appropriate when referring to one’s health.

When we think of all the things in our life that we want in life, it is easy to see that they are the things that we most often need to work hard to attain. Things like a good career, nice house, well rounded family, nice car, good relationships, or financial freedom. No matter where these things lie on your priority list, they are all things we hope to one day achieve. They are also all things we are required to work very hard for. A good career requires the proper schooling and passing tests, years of study, etc. From there, developing a good budget and saving money to buy the things you want requires great patience and discipline. To continue to save and make good investments on the way to becoming financially independent takes years of hard work and some money savvy. One of the hardest things in life is building a well rounded family and maintaining healthy relationships. These things require constant care and commitment or they tend to fail.

The very same principles can be applied to our health. There are many aspects of health which all need constant care and commitment. We must understand that health is very worth while but it is hard to achieve. Until we realize this, we will waste a lot of time, money and effort that is likely misdirected. For example, following a healthy diet and making positive dietary choices is a tough thing to do. Our cravings, outside pressure and need for convenience push us towards poor dietary choices. Our busy lifestyles and jammed schedules make exercise a difficult task and hard to fit in. We all know we should be exercising 3 to 5 times per week but few of us take the time out or ‘make the time’ to do this. The lack of time also plays a role in why many of us rarely get proper rest and follow very poor sleep habits. Our health as we know also has a mental component which must be nourished and maintained. Stress must be managed and controlled to maintain a healthy mental balance. These things are all difficult and for that reason we push them aside or make excuses. We procrastinate until things get to a point where we are forced to do something. Unfortunately, decisions we make regarding health can have very drastic consequences when left too long. These poor dietary choices we made and that lack of time for exercise and culminate in some form of cardiovascular problem or death. That extra 30 or forty pounds you have put on can lead to type II diabetes, high blood pressure and death. These aches and pains you have been meaning to see your Chiropractor about, may develop into arthritis or chronic spinal problems leading to debilitating disease. That stress which has been building up could lead to a meltdown, antidepressant drug use or breakdowns in other areas of your life.

This may seem shocking but the reality of it all is that your health is the foundation for everything else in your life and without your health you have very little. To achieve optimal health requires taking the time, being dedicated and making positive lifestyle choices a part of our routine. We must commit to eating well, sleeping well, exercising and maintaining a positive healthy outlook. If we do, the other problems diseases and physical stresses will begin to take care of themselves. Many people feel overwhelmed when faced with a challenge like this but health should not be feared it should be craved. If you don’t know where to begin, see someone who can help. Just as you hire professionals to help with your finances and write the policy for your car or house, enlisting the help of professionals to maintain your health is a solid investment. Seek out the expertise of a dietician, a counselor, fitness instructor or a Chiropractor. These are professionals who can guide you down that long bumpy road to optimal health.

We must however, truly accept the fact that this road to health is hard and generally uphill but is worth while. There is another saying that comes to mind which asks, ‘How can I take on such a giant task. The same way you eat an elephant; one bite at a time!’