Many people today are racing through life at a wild roller coaster pace. They are seeing a lot, but because the pace is so fast they are unable to actually focus on many things. In many cases, what is truly important gets pushed to the side because there is ‘no time’. Unfortunately, it is our health that often falls into the category of things that are truly important but we cannot make time for.

I know I really should start eating better but I don’t have time for making lunch. I’ll just have fast food. I know I really should quit smoking, it’s a terrible habit. One of these days, I’ll quit but I just don’t have time now. I really should figure out what’s causing these headaches but I really have no time to see the Chiropractor. For now, I’ll just cover up the pain with these drugs. I know I need to lose some of these extra pounds but I don’t have the time to exercise or get to the gym. I’ll get going on an exercise program when I have more time.

The commonality of all these things is that we all know the problem, we all know the solution. I think the truth for most people is not that they cannot find the time, it is the fact that they refuse to make the time. The journey toward optimal health must start with a choice and a personal commitment to yourself. The only way to accomplish something is to make it a priority and then focus our energy on achieving that priority. It is when we lose sight of how important our health is that we eat poorly, fill our lungs with smoke, slowly poison our bodies with medications and allow ourselves to become obese, all because we can’t make time. When compounded, these choices lead to poor health and disease. At least 85% of chronic disease in the population is related to poor lifestyle choices and I stress choices.

Many of us have the desire to change and begin the journey to health, but cannot find the path or feel that the first few steps are overwhelming. When looking at the big picture it is overwhelming to go from all poor habits to all healthy habits. However, a wise man once asked: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ The simple response is of course, ‘One bite at a time!’ And really this is the only way to approach and overcome these huge challenges, one bite at a time. We need to address one of these poor lifestyle choices at a time and make changing it a priority. Stop buying cigarettes. Stop eating junk food out of habit or convenience. Make the time to exercise three times per week if only for a half hour each time. Get to your chiropractor and have these headaches or nagging backaches attended to before they become chronic and permanent. Have the chiropractor evaluate your nervous system and begin treatment to release the health potential within. A healthy nervous system to control, direct, and regulate all the functions of the body is the key to optimum health, however this must be combined with healthy lifestyle choices. Commit to your health and well being today and begin the journey. Make sure to consult your medical doctor and chiropractor for guidance in beginning new health programs to make sure they are right for you.