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Workplace Injuries

There are stressors and hazards involved with any type of work or career. Whether it be heavy lifting, repetitive bending or twisting, prolonged postural stress or very repetitive fine movements, all can cause injury.

Injury can come in the form of trauma from a one time occurrence such as a slip and fall or an improper lift, or injury may build up over a period of time from a prolonged stressor creating a repetitive stress syndrome.

No matter what the mode of injury, proper treatment is essential to a complete and optimal recovery. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose such injuries and implement the proper treatment plan to treat and strengthen the affected area. Full recovery depends not only on treatment but on proper post recovery strength and endurance training to reduce the chance of re-occurrence.

Since most of us cannot get away from the stresses associated with work, the only option is to make the body strong enough to handle these stressors and take proper preventative measures. Chiropractic care gives you the tools to get well and maintain the body in optimal health, thereby preventing workplace injury.