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How Often Should You See Your Chiropractor?

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By: Dr. Stephen O’Neil

Dear Dr. Steve: Why is it that when you go to a chiropractor, you have to go all the time? S.B. Belle River

Dr. Steve: This is common misconception about chiropractic among the public. There is no law saying you have to continue care once you start. Most of the time, people continue care because they realize that chiropractic provides a valuable piece to the puzzle of health. They realize that when they receive chiropractic care and maintain their nervous system, that not only do they consistently feel better, their overall health is improved.

There are two types of chiropractic patients: 1) the crisis patient - this is the patient that comes in after injuring their spine or some other body part and is seeking relief. I generally treat these patients five to ten times within a short period of time until symptoms resolve. They often will not return again for months until the next crisis; 2) the wellness patient - this is the patient who realizes that their spine and the nervous system must be in tip top shape for proper function. Chiropractic care helps release the central nervous system's full potential, thereby maximizing output. In doing so, all the other systems of the body are able to function optimally. This in essence, is what keeps us well and healthy. The wellness patient knows the daily stressors that life is full of, whether they are mental, emotional, physical or chemical, can disrupt the nervous system and its ability to function optimally. Therefore, we need to take steps to counteract and balance the ill effects of theses daily stressors. Chiropractic care is necessary to undo the damage incurred by the wear and tear of daily life. For some, this may mean one time per week, for others, this may mean only one time per month based upon the stress levels in their lives. But a wellness patient realizes that a regular adjustment is much like the regular maintenance required on your car. There is no sense in waiting for the car to start smoking before you change the oil. Regular service is required for your car to continue running well, the same holds true for your body.

Chiropractic care complemented by proper nutrition, rest and exercise can make our journey towards health a smoother one. These steps can maximize our well being throughout our lives.