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Building A Better You!

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By: Dr. Stephen O’Neil

It occurred to me recently that building a healthy body is much like building anything else. No matter what it is you are building you need to start with a purpose and a plan. Your purpose is obvious when trying to build a healthy body. It is so you look better, feel better and become as healthy as you can be. The plan as with any other project should take some time to produce. This is because a plan made without careful thought or with only quick results in mind will almost never produce a quality end product. Some research should be done to find the best plan for your individual needs. It is often helpful to consult others for their opinion and advice for a successful plan. When it comes to health, you may consider speaking with your medical doctor, dietician, chiropractor or personal trainer and create a plan that suits all your needs.

Once you have the plan, some blueprints need to be drawn up. The cool thing about building a healthier body is that the blueprints are already in us. Our body is ready with the exact design and inherently wants to be as healthy as possible. A successful building also requires the proper tools and building material. Once again, most of the tools are already in us. The problem is most of us don't use these tools the way they were intended to be used. For example, our muscles are great tools that when used properly, burn lots of calories and help us become healthier. Most of us don't exercise them enough. We need the proper materials to follow the building plan and the blueprints as well. This is for most, a major stumbling block because we buy all the wrong materials. You can't build a house when all the materials you have bought are for an outhouse. In the same respect you can't build a healthy body when all the materials you are using are from fast food joints. You need to give the body the balanced materials in the proper amount so it can put them all in place and create a healthy foundation for the rest of the body to be built.

Most building projects also need someone who oversees the workers. The foreman, when building a healthy body, the one in charge of all operations, is the brain and central nervous system. This again is often one of the problems we face when trying to build a healthy body. In order for the brain to easily and effectively coordinate everything on the jobsite, it must be able to clearly communicate with all the workers. When our spines have restrictions and there are areas of inflammation, the brain cannot give orders to the rest of the workers or use the tools properly. It is like being on a noisy jobsite and having no battery for the megaphone. If the workers can't hear the foreman they will become lazy and do nothing. They may only hear part of what the foreman is saying and do the wrong thing. This is where your chiropractor comes in. His main purpose is to find and remove restrictions in the spine and open the pathway of communication between the foreman (your brain) and the workers (the rest of your body). It is only then that all parts of the building plan can come together.

The easiest way to a healthier you, is to find a purpose and come up with a plan of action. Eat a well balanced diet so your body has all the tools it requires and get proper exercise. See your chiropractor to make sure your brain and nervous systems are functioning optimally. Then all you have to do is give it some time and stay on track. Like any other building project, it takes time but in the end, you can look at what you've built and be very, very proud. There is nothing more rewarding.